Help for Depression must not be ignored

depressedOften the cries for help for depression are ignored; often we miss valuable signs from people who are looking for assistance or maybe they are looking for someone who can get them through the difficulties that they are living in. There are million who are currently living with a depressed state of mind; this is something that affects every area of a person’s life. There are times when help for depression comes too late and the situation turns horrible


Aaron Schaffhausen is a 35 year old man who is on trial for the murders of his 3 daughters; he had a long history of problems in his marriage and saw his wife as the cause of most of his problems. He had visited with a mental health counselor but his condition was seen as nothing different from when we all have a break up. Later Schaffhausen confessed to a friend that his “Wife” was the cause of all his problems, the end result was him paying back his wife by murdering his 3 little daughters.


There is a very important listen in this story, we all handle break ups differently, some never recover from the lost of an ex- mate. Help for depression should not be ignored, we never know how much pressure someone else is under.


What this man has done is a horrible crime and he has taken the lives of 3 little children, he acted on his pain in a horrible way, he will now pay for his crimes. When something has caused us pain, (maybe it is a divorce or a Boss) often we are convinced that these people have ruined us, sometimes we want some form of payback, this is wrong and there is help for this depression, do not let the circumstances ruin you or others. Being depressed is at times punishing but it is important to take control over the sad state of mind and not give in to the illness or in the Schaffhausen case…emotions.

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