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Depression linked to overeating

depression foodThose who suffer with the medical condition depression should be aware that it is linked to overeating, a University study has confirmed previous studies that depressed people eat more because it stimulates the brain pleasure center temporarily relieving the depressed condition. Mental illness can be a very debilitation condition that effects various aspects of a persons life, researchers show that depression is linked to overeating.


Why the depressed eat more


Brain research involving mental illnesses are revealing aspects of the illness that were not previously known, much of this research centers around the appetite. Researchers at the school of Behavioral and Brain Science revealed that those who are depressed may eat more because food releases pleasure hormones that help the mood, this is something that is initiated in the brain to improve the mood, the reward/overeat/ pleasure cycle may be tantamount to a food addiction.


What food does


When a depressed person eats a fatty meal as an example this releases feel good hormones from the brain, what this does is help soothe the depressive state and uplift the mood, this is a neurological process triggered by the brain to help the depressed person. This cycle can create an emotional food addiction where food is used as the remedy from a depressive state. The solution to this problem is not an ordinary diet, it is does not work.


Ordinary dieting does not work for those who suffer from overeating depression according to Dr. Francesca Filbey, assistant professor in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


“The reason I’m interested in studying the brain’s reward system in response to food is that current treatments for obesity often do not work. Only 5 percent of those who seek interventions such as diet and exercise are successful in maintaining a healthy weight. Even in the case of gastric bypass, many still experience dependence symptoms like extreme desire to overeat and the associated feelings of guilt after surgery,” Filbey said.


What can you do?


The solution? When those suffering from food and sugar addictions related to emotional issues were put on a diet created for people with depression all stopped overeating See here Depressioin overeating