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Feeling suicidal? The rising problem


Feeling Suicidal: What  to do about a growing problem

Feeling Suicidal: What to do about a growing problem

There is a rising number of people feeling suicidal according to the CDC, in fact research studies are showing that there is a steady increase in the numbers of people committing suicide. This week a stunning report from the Center of Disease Control highlighted the soaring numbers of people who are taking their own life, Mental Health officials are trying to cope with the surging numbers of people who are feeling suicidal.




40,000 people




Nearly 40,000 people took their own life last year in the United States, this is a stunning number of people who simply felt that there was no other option. We have worked with depressed and with those are contemplating suicide for over 5 years and we can say that it is when people feel that there is no other option that they commit this act. Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC stated that they know idea what is causing the rising numbers of suicides.




We don’t know what specifically is causing it, but the trend has been consistent” said Dr. Thomas Frieden




We can state firmly that thoughts of taking your life come from many different individual factors but the bottom line is that the thoughts appear when a person feels that there is no hope, it is seen as the only solution. Thoughts of taking of the life can also appear when stress is completely overwhelming. It is important to realize that there is hope even when the situation seems hopeless, what is important to remember is that the hopelessness is what leads to feeling suicidal. Depression is also closely related to suicide and must be watched very carefully. Are you depressed? Depression can trigger thoughts of taking your own life.




If this is an emergency and you are thinking of taking your life the first thing to do is to call the suicide hotline, dial 911 and they can help you.




If you are thinking about suicide it is important to understand that you are emotionally empty and need to fill back up. We have shown people in over 20 countries that you can address this depressive condition without doctors or therapy, actually the depressed person heals alone. You are filled back up, replacing what is missing and what is causing the depression. You heal yourself alone and this depression self help is very effective. It is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults. Depression will not just go away you must take charge now. See here reverse a suicidal thought and depression alone















Depressed and stressed out

Stress and Depressed must be taken seriously

Stress and Depressed must be taken seriously

“I am depressed and stressed out”, it is a common complaint in our generation, there are more people using anti depressants than at any other recorded time in US medical history. One group that has seen an incredible boom in depression are college students, a study presented at the American Psychological Association found that the number of students on psychiatric medicines increased more than 10 percentage points over the last 10 years, it is important to know that “depressed and stress” can also lead to deadly consequences.

The rise in college suicides

An area for mental professionals that has been causing much concern are the rising levels of suicides in college, what may be even more alarming are the numbers of students who say they have contemplated suicide. “Suicidal crises are a common occurrence on college campuses,” says Chris Brownson, director of the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center in Austin and one of the study’s researchers

According to Dr. Jerald Kay, a child psychiatrist and chair of psychiatry at Wright State University School of Medicine, we must learn to see the signs.

A lot of the young people I see don’t go to class,” he says. “They’re not able to complete assignments and you get the sense that academically they’re going down in a spiral” and often drop out of extracurricular activities as well, and spend more and more time alone.

The doctor is right but we have also seen many students who are depressed with stress and they still do well in classes, often these students snap and should be watched carefully, good grades does not mean the mental state is healthy.

Depression comes from an inner emptiness, the emptiness manifest in thoughts of giving up or quitting, the ultimate feeling of hopelessness are the thoughts of ending the life. It is very easy to go from stress to depressed and then thoughts of giving up. The overwhelming feeling of giving up is sweeping over much of the Western World. Depression in Europe and the United States are at record levels. If you are depressed and have stress listen to the body and seek help.

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Help for Depression must not be ignored

depressedOften the cries for help for depression are ignored; often we miss valuable signs from people who are looking for assistance or maybe they are looking for someone who can get them through the difficulties that they are living in. There are million who are currently living with a depressed state of mind; this is something that affects every area of a person’s life. There are times when help for depression comes too late and the situation turns horrible


Aaron Schaffhausen is a 35 year old man who is on trial for the murders of his 3 daughters; he had a long history of problems in his marriage and saw his wife as the cause of most of his problems. He had visited with a mental health counselor but his condition was seen as nothing different from when we all have a break up. Later Schaffhausen confessed to a friend that his “Wife” was the cause of all his problems, the end result was him paying back his wife by murdering his 3 little daughters.


There is a very important listen in this story, we all handle break ups differently, some never recover from the lost of an ex- mate. Help for depression should not be ignored, we never know how much pressure someone else is under.


What this man has done is a horrible crime and he has taken the lives of 3 little children, he acted on his pain in a horrible way, he will now pay for his crimes. When something has caused us pain, (maybe it is a divorce or a Boss) often we are convinced that these people have ruined us, sometimes we want some form of payback, this is wrong and there is help for this depression, do not let the circumstances ruin you or others. Being depressed is at times punishing but it is important to take control over the sad state of mind and not give in to the illness or in the Schaffhausen case…emotions.

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Help for depression should go beyond drugs

Depression is increasing at a scary rate worldwide

Depression is increasing at a scary rate worldwide

The numbers of people seeking help for depression has tripled in the last 20 years, there are over 30 million people in the United States who are suffering from this mental conditions, the numbers are scary and are predicted to increase even more in just the next 5 years. In Europe the situation is just as bad, the UK has seen a doubling in their mental health statistics. Help for depression is most often sought in the the use of medications, while this is good, many are seeking to loss the dependence on drugs.

The incredible rise of Depression

The statistics on depression and suicide in the United Kingdom are very alarming, we are watching rising numbers of people who are simply dissatisfied with life, this is leading to suicide, according to the Paul Burstow, the Care Services minister, “There is plenty of evidence across the world that in times of recession and high unemployment, rates of mental illness and suicide tend to rise.”

The reasons go beyond financial because studies show suicide and depression was increasing when the economy was good, there is a deeper problem both mental and physical that must be addressed.

The number of people committing suicide rose by 329 to 5,706 in 2008 – the first increase since 1998. The rate of suicide among men went up from 16.8 per 100,000 people in 2007 to 17.7 per 100,000 in 2008; the suicide rate among women rose from 5 per 100,000 people to 5.4 per 100,000. Those seeking help for depression has increased more than health officials can financial handle in Europe.

We must address the growing dissatisfaction that is spreading in much of the world. 1 out of 10 in the the United States are on antidepressants, we are speaking of an incredible number of people who are simply trying to make it through the day. What is the solution? The general answer is to take antidepressants but this does not address the inner dissatisfaction, medications are necessary and should be used but they should not be the last step in your healing. Help for depression should must go beyond a pill.

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