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Feeling suicidal? The rising problem


Feeling Suicidal: What  to do about a growing problem

Feeling Suicidal: What to do about a growing problem

There is a rising number of people feeling suicidal according to the CDC, in fact research studies are showing that there is a steady increase in the numbers of people committing suicide. This week a stunning report from the Center of Disease Control highlighted the soaring numbers of people who are taking their own life, Mental Health officials are trying to cope with the surging numbers of people who are feeling suicidal.




40,000 people




Nearly 40,000 people took their own life last year in the United States, this is a stunning number of people who simply felt that there was no other option. We have worked with depressed and with those are contemplating suicide for over 5 years and we can say that it is when people feel that there is no other option that they commit this act. Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC stated that they know idea what is causing the rising numbers of suicides.




We don’t know what specifically is causing it, but the trend has been consistent” said Dr. Thomas Frieden




We can state firmly that thoughts of taking your life come from many different individual factors but the bottom line is that the thoughts appear when a person feels that there is no hope, it is seen as the only solution. Thoughts of taking of the life can also appear when stress is completely overwhelming. It is important to realize that there is hope even when the situation seems hopeless, what is important to remember is that the hopelessness is what leads to feeling suicidal. Depression is also closely related to suicide and must be watched very carefully. Are you depressed? Depression can trigger thoughts of taking your own life.




If this is an emergency and you are thinking of taking your life the first thing to do is to call the suicide hotline, dial 911 and they can help you.




If you are thinking about suicide it is important to understand that you are emotionally empty and need to fill back up. We have shown people in over 20 countries that you can address this depressive condition without doctors or therapy, actually the depressed person heals alone. You are filled back up, replacing what is missing and what is causing the depression. You heal yourself alone and this depression self help is very effective. It is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults. Depression will not just go away you must take charge now. See here reverse a suicidal thought and depression alone















What can help depression? More women suffering

Study says many middle aged women are missing happiness

Study says many middle aged women are missing happiness

What can help depression? Studies show that one of the fast growing groups suffering from a clinically depressed condition are middle aged women. In general this illness is growing quickly in all age groups but middle aged women are experiencing the debilitating mental condition at much higher rates than other groups. There are more than 18 million people in the United States who are on antidepressants, what can help depression is becoming a troubling question for mental health professionals.


Women in trouble


According to new figures, middle-aged women are suffering more from depression and anxiety than any other group. Nearly a 25%  says a new study conducted by the NHS Information Centre, this is an incredible number of females who are living a life that is simply not satisfying. Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the charity the Mental Health Foundation confirmed that in general something is missing from the lives of these women.

What we have also seen in the thousands of people we have helped with depression is that  there is something missing in these the life of these women that is not filled with profession or children. What can help depression goes to the very roots of who we are as people.

According to Dr. McCulloch “There is an emptiness with this generation,” There is something missing that goes so much beyond material possessions, we are missing something that would give life more meaning.


The answers from the  mental health/medical community has been an increase in antidepressant usage, we are not against medications on this website but we do advocate that a person go beyond medication. Antidepressants are necessary for millions of people but while on antidepressants you must take your healing further, you must go beyond drugs. Drugs can cover an emotional emptiness but it cannot heal, drug are useful but they cannot fill what is missing. What can help depression? The depressed person is often empty and they need to fill back up emotionally, this is what pills cannot do. It is important that you do not stop your drugs without speaking with a doctor but the pills will never fill up what is missing inside. Until the root emptiness is filled the medications will always be a covering not a healing.


An inside/out technique has been used in over 10 countries helping the depressed person fill back up with or without drugs. It is an inside out technique that is helping many

See here Go beyond Medications


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